Mabilao-bilao Falls

This two layered waterfall is located in Brgy. Dianed.
Indeed, a piece of paradise and a perfect combination of majestic beauty and pure nature.
People who got to see two layer waterfall definitely mesmerize and in fact it was featured in one of the documentary program of GMA Channel 7 hosted by Vicky Morales.
The long span of the Mabilao river is being utilized by residents for bathing, picnics and laundry.

Ampere Beach

The isolated rock formation located not too far from the stone shore of Sitio Ampere Brgy. Gupa.
A perfect spot for sight-seeing during the sunset or sunrise.
The clear and bluish water of Ampere Beach might be very tempting but the people were not really encourage to go for swim as the waves are too strong and it would be very risky as well.
This is the landmark of the Municipality of Dipaculao, once you see it, you are in the land and so called the hidden paradise in the Central Part of the Province of Aurora.

Amper Scenic Highway

The first ever Scenic Highway in the Province of Aurora is also found here in the Municipality of Dipaculao.
This postcard like panoramic view is found also in Sitio Amper, Brgy. Gupa.
The place where you enchantingly see the beautiful beach and set of mountains while passing the highway.

Dinadiawan White Beach

As we all know Dipaculao has the longest shoreline in the Province.
And upon travelling to the north part people is always mesmerize by this overlooking view of the Dinadiawan White Beach.
Dinadiawan is where most of the accomodations and resorts situated in.

Paningdingan Falls

One of the most visited enthralling beauty in the Municipality of Dipaculao found in Brgy. Dinadiawan.
People will notice the rock between the flows of this cascade.
Utilize also for picnics, dip and laundry for the nearby residents.